Multiple woundedness

In 2009 the KwaZulu-Natal Council of Churches, a fellowship of churches and church-based organisations in KwaZulu-Natal, contracted Sinomlando to record the experiences of people associated with the Healing and Memories and Reconciliation Programme, a joint project of eight community-based organisations in the province.

Subsequently Sinomlando staff recorded, transcribed, translated and compiled into a book the stories told or written during two recording workshops, one in Marianhill in October 2009 and another in Vryheid in 2010.

Telling a painful story in a safe and loving environment and with the support of people sharing similar experiences is a first step, small but important, on a journey towards healing and reconciliation. By agreeing to have their stories recorded and published, the participants showed that, in spite of all obstacles, group processes like those in which they took part or any other form of community support can help wounded people to move on.


Philippe Denis, Radikobo Ntsimane and Scott Houser (eds), A journey towards healing. Stories of people with multiple woundedness in KwaZulu-Natal (Pietermaritzburg, Cluster Publications, 2011),