Capacity Building Programme

Every year the Sinomlando Centre runs one or several thee-month intensive training courses, called Capacity Building Programmes (CBP). Groups consist of at least ten trainees from various South African provinces and regions. Each of these courses comprises instruction on HIV/AIDS, interviewing, counselling, play skills, etc. (4 weeks), supervised fieldwork including family interventions and training workshops (6 weeks), fieldwork review, additional technical instruction and course evaluation (2 weeks).

Capacity Building Programme manager and coordinator Lois Moyo in class

Trainees who satisfy all the course’s requirements receive a certificate of competence of the University of KwaZulu-Natal. Graduates then train volunteers in their areas, organise family visits and run children’s camps. At regular intervals the CBP graduates are invited to refresher courses during which the share their achievements and difficulties and receive input on selected subjects.