Deaf Children

The psychosocial needs of Deaf children are considerable. They struggle to communicate their emotions and experience frustration in the process. They also experience rejection and stigmatisation especially in contexts where the phenomenon of Deafness is not well understood.

In 2010 one of Sinomlando's partners suggested that the memory-box methodology be adapted to the needs of Deaf children. This resulted in a pilot project, jointly run by Sinomlando and Fulton School for the Deaf [] in Durban with the support of Deaf South Africa [] and of the Department of Basic Education.

In 2011 educators and house parents of two schools, Fulton School for the Deaf and KwaThintwa, participated in a memory work training workshop facilitated by Sinomlando and started to implement the memory-work methodology in their respective schools.

Since 2013 the teachers and educators of a fourth school, Indaleni School for the Deaf near Richmond, receives training from Sinomlando.