Children's Sessions

Since 2003 Sinomlando assists partner organisations in running children's sessions (also called children's camps) for orphans and vulnerable children. Many beneficiaries are infected or affected by HIV/AIDS but other categories of vulnerable children, such as children with disabilities, can benefit from the sessions. The format varies: five days during the holidays; three week-ends; nine of ten sessions after school.

During the sessions the children go through aspects of their family history which have often been ignored or silenced. With the help of trained facilitators they receive the opportunity to tell their story, ask questions and express emotions such as sadness, anger and worry, also happiness and joy. A variety of exercises and games help them to do bereavement work and develop life skills. Parts of the sessions consist in decorating and filling a memory box. The activities include:

  • Body Mapping
  • River of Life
  • Hero Book
  • Unfinished Business

Sinomlando also helps its partners to run sessions for teenagers. The methodology is adapted to this particular age group.

Lastly Sinomlando proposes sessions for carers. It has been observed that, in order to reach its full potential, memory work needs to involve the entire household. When the children (or teenagers) start to open up, their carers also need to learn how to deal with grief and other powerful emotions. A full intervention, therefore, must combine family visits, children's sessions and carers' sessions.